Smart Pedestrian Crossings in Galicia

Paso de Peatones Inteligente Redondela

Redondela already has its Smart Crosswalks.

Telmo Fernández Street, in the heart of Redondela and an obligatory passage for the thousands of pilgrims who make the “Camino de Santiago”, has a regulatory traffic light, equipped with a sensor system and a pedestrian crossing equipped with an intelligent LED warning system.

The installation contributes to improve the road safety of neighbours not only at night, but also in conditions of reduced visibility due to inclement weather.

The system, already used in cities like Valencia, is based on the so-called Intelligent Led System (SLI), which exponentially multiplies its effectiveness in relation to the current reflective paint used in this type of equipment. It has a system of thermal cameras that detect the proximity of pedestrians and can distinguish if it is people or any animal no matter how small, deciding the activation of traffic lights and, at the same time, of vertical signals and the lighting of the horizontal white marks that delimit the pedestrian crossing on the ground. In the case of step markings, their lighting makes them visible from a far greater distance than traditional reflective paint.

The provision of this new road safety system, explains the Councillor for Urban Planning, María Castro, “serves to reaffirm this Government’s commitment to sustainable mobility in which, in the urban area, pedestrians should have priority over vehicles”.

It is remarkable that Telmo Fernández street is located near Isidoro Queimaliños and Crucero streets, which are “an obligatory step for the thousands of people who make the Camino de Santiago since – the municipal councilor recalled – it cannot be forgotten that It is precisely in Redondela that the Portuguese Way and the Portuguese Way along the Coast converge”, recalls Mayor Digna Rivas.


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