Smart Pedestrian Crossing on the island of La Palma

Breña Alta releases “the first Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing in the region”

The Breña Alta City Council has launched “the first intelligent pedestrian crossing in the north-western region. It does so in one of the busiest leisure spots in the town, at the access to the popular Los Álamos Park, in the urban area of ​​San Pedro”, the corporation reports in a press release.

“The new system, the first of this type in the area and one of the most modern on the island, allows the illumination of the horizontal road markings of the pedestrian crossing silk-screened on the road, so that when a pedestrian approaches the area of crossing can warn of the risk and be seen by drivers in a more meaningful way,” he explains.

The mayor of Breña Alta, Jonathan Felipe, highlights “the importance of incorporating innovative elements in terms of road safety in the urban area of ​​our municipality; in this case, this first illuminated pedestrian crossing we have replaced the conventional system of painting on the road, which suffered deterioration in a short time and was not always able to properly inform drivers and pedestrians”. “This intelligent pedestrian crossing has required the implantation of light markings on the road surface, to be illuminated in white, regulated by a complete volumetric sensor system in the environment in order to help through technology to reduce possible accidents in one of the areas with the highest traffic of pedestrians and vehicles in the urban area of ​​San Pedro ”,  he emphasizes.

“With this intelligent road marking system , which combines sensors and led panels integrated into the asphalt, we achieve that with the illuminated pedestrian crossings, the vehicles realize that a pedestrian is crossing the street, since the road is illuminated at the same time”.

It is a “sustainable” system, which is connected to public lighting, and which only lights up when it detects the presence of a pedestrian who is about to cross, turning off when the smart sensors do not detect movement.

The incorporation of this new advance in road safety reverts to the benefit of all pedestrians, especially advantaging the elderly and children, since old people take their time to cross the street, while the younger can cross it spontaneously, without being seen by drivers”.

The operation of these devices is also more effective on rainy days or when driving at night, circumstances that complicate visibility and can lead to greater accidents on urban roads.

To prevent accidents, the LED panels integrated into the asphalt of the road are complemented by two vertical LED warning signs for vehicles, improving the visualization of drivers.

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