Smart Pedestrian Crossing in Manises

Paso de Peatones Inteligente Manises

Manises launches the Smart Pedestrian Crossing

Manises already has its first intelligent pedestrian crossing that lights up when it detects the presence of a pedestrian, so that the driver of a vehicle can anticipate seeing a pedestrian and they are more visible. Our system that has been installed on Calle Alfonso Blat increases road safety in one of the busiest and most strategic points, since it is the connecting link from the San Francesc neighborhood to the roundabout of La Paloma. “It is the link between Alameda Park and San Francesc, the schools, the Pere Boïl Institute and the entrance to the city center.”

The intelligent pedestrian crossing constitutes “an unquestionable advance” in terms of road safety, since it replaces passive horizontal marking (the current reflective paint) with an active one (intelligent horizontal road markings), which alert vehicles of the presence of pedestrians.

“With this intelligent road marking system , which combines sensors and led panels integrated into the asphalt, we achieve that with the illuminated pedestrian crossings, the vehicles realize that a pedestrian is crossing the street, since the road is illuminated at the same time”.

It is a “sustainable” system, which is connected to public lighting, and which only lights up when it detects the presence of a pedestrian who is about to cross, turning off when the smart sensors do not detect movement.

The incorporation of this new advance in road safety reverts to the benefit of all pedestrians, especially advantaging the elderly and children, since old people take their time to cross the street, while the younger can cross it spontaneously, without being seen by drivers”.

The operation of these devices is also more effective on rainy days or when driving at night, circumstances that complicate visibility and can lead to greater accidents on urban roads.

To prevent accidents, the LED panels integrated into the asphalt of the road are complemented by two vertical LED warning signs for vehicles, improving the visualization of drivers.

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